EBTH Helps You...


EBTH Helps You Downsize

When you’re ready to simplify and move on to the next adventure, we’ll remove excess items from the home and sell them for you, easing the transition and earning you money.

A Free Consultation

A free consultation is followed by an onsite team who clears your entire house, including items for donation and disposal.

Expert Authenticators, Catalogers, and Photographers

Expert authenticators, catalogers, and photographers will list your items to a global audience of buyers entirely online and not in your home.

White Glove Service

White glove service ensures the process is smooth and that you see results. Profits are typically 3-5 times higher than with traditional alternatives.

EBTH Helps You...

Clear Out An Estate

EBTH Helps You Clear Out An Estate

An unexpected loss or transition is never easy, and we’re here to ease the burden. We’ll take care of everything and clear the home, so you can take care of what matters most.

An Expert Staff

An expert staff sorts through the home, identifying high-value pieces before removing everything — including objects for donation or disposal.

A Lifetime’s Worth of Belongings

A lifetime’s worth of belongings are authenticated, photographed and catalogued before being listed to a global audience of bidders, entirely online and not in the home.

A Sensitive Team

A sensitive team is with you every step of the way, giving you back peace of mind and time to spend with your family.

EBTH Helps You...

Consign Smarter

EBTH Helps You Consign Smarter

No matter where you live, our consignment programs make it easy to sell one or several pieces to our global audience of bidders. Tell us what you’re looking to sell, and we’ll tailor a solution that’s right for you.

Fill Out A Brief Form

Fill out a brief form with information about your items.

We'll Send You A Pre-Paid Shipping Label

We’ll send you a pre-paid shipping label for our mail-in program, or suggest a local drop-off solution near you.

We'll Photograph, Catalog, and List

We'll photograph, catalog, and list your items on our site. When they sell, we’ll send you a check.

From Our Sellers


“The best part [about selling with EBTH] was walking into the house for the first time after the auction. It was clear and clean. For the first time I wasn’t being overwhelmed by the question ‘What am I going to do with all this stuff?’ I could move on.”

Shelby Burns, granddaughter

Walt Gonske Original Oil on Canvas
Walt Gonske Original Oil on Canvas “Almost to Rio Costilla”

Final Bid$1,700

Williams-Sonoma and Dansk Copper Sauce Pans
Williams-Sonoma and Dansk Copper Sauce Pans

Final Bid$220

Silver Morgan and Peace Dollars
Silver Morgan and Peace Dollars

Final Bid$200

1952 Madame Alexander Walt Disney's Snow White Fashion Academy Doll
1952 Madame Alexander Walt Disney’s Snow White Fashion Academy Doll

Final Bid$350

What We Sell

From pearls to power tools, we sell thousands of unique items every month. Whether they’re from estates, households, office spaces, businesses or our full-service consignment programs, take a look at the kinds of pieces we sell on EBTH.

Our Selling Solution

Selling excess items online can be time consuming and cumbersome. We’ll do the work for you.


Call us for a free consultation
Work with our team to find the solution that best fits your needs
Get paid for your resold belongings


Organizes and prepares your items for online sale
Works with experts to authenticate pieces
Professionally photographs everything
Writes detailed item descriptions
Posts your sale in a 5-7-day auction on EBTH.com
Markets your pieces to the right audience
Handles payment, packing, shipping and delivery to new owners
Sends you a check

The EBTH Difference

End-to-end service so that you never lift a finger
More revenue than with traditional alternatives
More than 1.3 million bids per month from users in all 50 states and 100 countries
Guaranteed item authentication
EBTH Mobile website